2013 Farm Technology Days

Barron County is preparing for a wave of agricultural enthusiasts to gather at Breezy Hill Dairy, host of the 2013 Farm Technology Days. From July 9-11, the public will have an opportunity to view a dairy that incorporates land management practices such as no-till, minimum till, grassed waterways and filter strips.

As the state’s largest agricultural show, 100,000 people are projected to attend the three day event to learn the latest in farm technology and conservation. This year DNR will have a plethora of program staffs on hand at the show to answer questions about wildlife, farm runoff, trees and high capacity wells. DNR also is teaming up with University of Wisconsin-Extension to provide onsite testing for nitrates.

For youth, DNR is sponsoring a kids fishing clinic at 11 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. on July 9 in the Youth Tent Indoor Stage.

Among DNR participating programs will be Wildlife Management, Law Enforcement, Fisheries Management, Watershed Management, Waste and Materials Management, Drinking Water and Groundwater, and Forestry.

If you are looking for a splash of Barron County culture check out the Family Living Stage. Stop by and enjoy the art, music and culture of Barron’s farming heritage.

Ag Olympics, farm safety for kids, livestock demonstrations and a K-9 demonstration are just a few of the activities that can be found on the Farm and Fun Youth Adventureland stage. A more complete schedule can be found here.

Additional details:

Presentation stage and speaker schedule at the Progress Pavilion.

Find out what the exhibitors are planning in the 2013 show program .

Admission is $5, parking is free and directions can be found here.

You can find DNR staff in the Conservation tent and Progress Pavilion, hope to see you there! Come out and celebrate Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 60th anniversary in Dallas, Wis.

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